Aubrey O'Day Returns On 'All About Aubrey' -- Watch A Sneak Peak Here!

'Making the Band 3' alumna says her new reality series 'shows how important believing in yourself is.'

Aubrey O'Day is officially making her comeback. And to document it all, the former Danity Kane member let cameras follow her for "All About Aubrey." The reality series premieres Monday night (March 7) on Oxygen but MTV News scored a sneak peek for you when O'Day stopped by our offices with an exclusive clip!

In the preview, we see O'Day reunited with vocal coach Doc Holliday, who fans will remember from her first reality-TV stint on MTV's "Making the Band 3" with Diddy. Like he did on that show, Holiday has no problem keeping it real, in this case, giving Aubrey some rather constructive criticism after a vocal lesson.

"Not bad, not bad at all. Look, you've got a nice voice, Aubrey, but you haven't been working it out — it's a muscle," Holliday says. "You know how I am, I'm not gonna screw around with you. If you're willing to do the work, I'm willing to commit to it, OK? Are you willing to do the work?"

The series follows the former girl-group singer's return to music and the struggles that come with it — from coping with her weight gain to recording a solo album, maintaining friendships and searching for love. Oh, and you can't miss her pink-and-purple-dyed doggies, Ginger and Mary Ann. Keep in mind that Mary Ann is male, which will become, ahem, apparent during Monday's episode.

"It's a really great story for anyone that is struggling or has gone through periods of time where they didn't know that they would make it through or they lost hope that the things that they really wanted would ever happen for them. And it really shows how important believing in yourself is," O'Day told us about the show.

Though "All About Aubrey" will features new songs from O'Day like "Automatic" and "Goodbye Heartbreaker," we wanted to know when to expect a new album.

"You'll have to watch the show and wait and see for any further musical info because the show is about me fighting to get my music in front of all of the labels for potentially a record deal," she teased.

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