Jennifer Lopez's 'On The Floor' Video Bows On 'American Idol'

The 'Idol' judge's sultry dance clip premiered during Thursday's first results show.

With just about 10 minutes left on "American Idol" Thursday (March 3), Jennifer Lopez debuted her new music video, "On the Floor." The clip was cued up right as suspense built up over who the judges would grant second-chance passes.

The single marks the first time Lopez has hit the Billboard top 10 since her 2003 #1 track "All I Have." The new song, featuring Pitbull, debuted at #9 on Billboard Hot 100.

Dressed in a glittery, gold outfit, Lopez is seen in several long shots, dangling lazily on a couch. Between shots of the Miami rapper, the video returns to scenes of Lopez dressed in a sexy, skintight catsuit dancing in front of a gold cardio barre.

"If you're an animal, tear up the floor," she sings, giving the camera her fiercest gaze and moving her shoulders aggressively. "Don't stop, keep it moving/ Put your drinks up."

The video set looks like the kind of lounge-y nightclub that you'd find in one of the exotic locations that she shouts out in the song, one that only caters to a VIP clientele.

In another scene, Lopez is wearing a bikini top when she makes her way to the center of a stage and breaks it down "fly-girl" style. In still another shot, the star's mane is piled on top of her head, very elegantly as she sexily implores everyone to dance the night away and spend it on the floor.

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