Lil' Kim Explains Nicki Minaj Battle: 'I Have To Fight For My Fans'

'They thought I was gonna sit back and let them do what they were doing,' MC tells 'RapFix Live' about Nicki's crew.

[artist id="934"]Lil' Kim[/artist] wanted deference from Nicki Minaj. Now, however, it may take much more than that from the upstart who was inspired by the veteran rapper.

The two female MCs have been bickering for some time, in interviews and in song, but it seems Kim may want a 50 Cent-to-Ja Rule knockout blow, stopping the Young Money raptress in her tracks.

"This is the thing: It's just, it's really, like, at the end of the day, I do what I have to do, and I'm gonna keep doing what I have to do," Kim told MTV News during her appearance Thursday (March 3) on "RapFix Live." "I'm gonna do me. They're the ones that brought this about. It could have been that simple. But what they did was underestimate me. They thought I was gonna sit back and let them do what they were doing. I'm gonna let everybody know: I'm on my Hollywood sophisticated, but I'll bring it back if I have to. And that's in life. I can't help it. I'm G'd up from my feet up. If I have to handle my business, I'mma handle my business. And I have to fight for my fans."

Kim claimed her battle against Nicki is a challenge because she "has a powerful building behind her," referencing her label, Universal Records. But Kim remains resilient, saying her battle is for her fans as much as it's against Nicki.

"What kind of message would that send to my fans if I just sit back and watched?" she said. "Let this girl do what she's doing. My fans were more fumed than I was. They were looking like, 'Do you see this? Do you hear this?' But at the end of the day, I understand what they were feeling. I owe my fans a whole lot."

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