Lil Wayne: '6 Foot 7 Foot' Director Wanted To Focus On 'Bars'

'You are considered one of the best, and you have to show them why,' Weezy recalls Hype Williams telling him.

Lil Wayne had one idea in mind when it came to the video for "6 Foot 7 Foot": He wanted the clip to riff on "Inception," a movie he was "super interested" in because of its complexity.

But director Hype Williams had another idea: to focus on Weezy's clever lyrics.

"When I got with him he was like, 'It's time for you to shoot a video,' " Wayne recalled Hype telling him when MTV News visited the video set in Miami. " 'I like the little "Inception" thing, but if I'm going to shoot a video with you, I really want to capitalize on your bars to make people get the stuff you're saying. You shoot great videos, don't get me wrong. But sometimes people may think you shoot a video that makes it seem like you go for looks, instead of actually getting these people to understand what you're talking about. You are considered one of the best, and you have to show them why,' " Hype told Wayne.

The result is a marriage of the two concepts, with Lil Wayne's witty rhymes imparting themselves into the listener's consciousness à la Christopher Nolan's "Inception" with their punch lines.

"Life is a bitch and death is her sister/ Sleep is the cousin, what a f---ing family picture," Wayne raps on the song as a pair of beauties with contrasting makeup (one represents life, the other death) flash on the screen. "You know father time and we all know mother nature/ It's all in the family but I am of no relation."

Throughout the production, Wayne shot more than 40 scenes and changed outfits upwards of 20 times. Wayne and Williams also, of course, included a scene in which the rapper falls into a tub of cold water to wake him up from a dream, a direct nod to "Inception."

Although Wayne had fun with the visuals, he didn't stray from his duties as a businessman with the track or the video, making sure to include new Young Money signee Cory Gunz.

"You know, I put Nicki on the right songs, I put Drake on the right songs; I picked the right song," Wayne told MTV News last month about the decision. "It makes people pay attention ... because I know that people were waiting to see what I'll say on my first record, my first Lil Wayne record [since getting out of prison]. 'Cause, of course, I've done a bunch of features, and I'm quite sure whoever I did a feature for [before], as soon as I came home they put it out 'cause it got Wayne on here. 'He just came home, let's put it out.'

"So, I knew people were going to look at my first record like, 'I want to know what he's talking about on his first record.' And, I gave you the jewel at the end. It's like I'm forcing it on you, you got to hear this. It made everybody who didn't know Cory Gunz [say], 'Who is that?' "

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