Lil Wayne Marvels At Nicki Minaj And Drake Joining I Am Music II Tour

Nicki will be on the road full-time, while Drizzy will stop by for a few dates.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] sure is proud of protégés Drake and Nicki Minaj. The Cash Money Records superstar is set to venture out on his I Am Music II Tour, bringing Minaj and Travis Barker along, but despite him being the top bill, Weezy is in awe of the Pink Friday star joining him and Drizzy stopping by for a few dates.

"Nicki and Wayne? Given who she is now," Wayne proudly told MTV News, "and Drake might catch a few shows, but you know, he got his overseas thing popping right now. I told him to take advantage of that, because we all want to come over there someday and be bigger than we are here."

Wayne's tour kicks off later this month on March 18 in Buffalo, New York. The approximately one-month trek will find the rapper travelling to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Houston and Oakland, California, among other locations, including Vancouver British Columbia.

It's Wayne's first tour since his release from prison late last year.

Previously, Wayne spoke about Drake and how the Thank Me Later star became the centerpiece of his Young Money empire.

"I knew he was something bigger than something I had envisioned for my company when I ran into this kid," Wayne explained. "I was thinking I'm going to put my people on and we're going to be all right, but then when I ran into this kid, I was like, this a superstar, he's got a chance to make my company something for real, something to be thought of, to be remembered."

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