Savoy Talk Tour Dates With Wiz Khalifa, Benny Benassi, More

Rising EDM trio tell MTV News upcoming shows will be a 'visual escape,' as their single 'Get Static' hits Beatport.

Savoy have quickly become a buzz-worthy act on the EDM scene, and you can expect to hear a lot more from them in the months to come. On Thursday, their single "Get Static," a big synth-infused monster, is slated to hit Beatport.

The dance-music trio — Ben Eberdt, Mike Kelly and Gray Smith — began making waves in 2009 with their hit "Automatic," and their electro-rave-inspired swagger has since earned them a loyal (and growing) fanbase. MTV News recently met up with Savoy who told us how they met and teased their tour plans (expect lasers!).

"We met at the University of Colorado in our freshman-year dorms and, ever since, we've been striving towards making dance music and working together as music producers," Eberdt explained. "Mike lived next door from me, and I met Gray from seeing him walk around playing a mandolin. I went up and said, 'Hey, man, we should play some music together.' We all went [to college] with the same idea that we wanted to meet somebody else to play music with or to make music with or at least have some artistic connection with."

Since their college days, Savoy have pumped out some of the most talked-about music on the underground New York dance scene. From their Benny Benassi-esque electro destroyer "Life of the Party" to "Real People," a delightfully dark progressive house thumper, Savoy have demonstrated grade-A production ability and they make their inspirations clear — but with subtlety.

"Acts like Swedish House Mafia and deadmau5 are awesome," Gray said. "We're all really big fans; they're definitely huge influences for us. It's awesome to see them doing so much for the dance-music genre, really taking it to new levels and better venues than dance music has pretty much ever seen before."

The trio will hit this weekend's Snowball Festival in Colorado, alongside Porter Robinson (a protégé and collaborator with Tommy Lee, Skrillex, and DJ Aero on Project Blue Book). Savoy will follow that up with dates on the first-ever Electric Beach fest with Wiz Khalifa in Cancun, Mexico, and the Kansas City leg of the Global Dance Festival with Benny Benassi and Gareth Emery.

Because they meld technology and organic percussion like few can, the guys stand out among the more typical "DJ acts in the booth."

"All three of us work on the production of the tracks beforehand, and then we perform them live through [music-making program] Ableton," Eberdt explained. "Then Gray and I are onstage with multiple laptops, many controllers, DJ mixers and equipment, and Mike's on a half-acoustic, half-electronic drum set playing the beats along with our music."

For those who haven't seen Savoy's live show, it's a visual spectacle that incorporates cutting-edge lighting and sound effects.

"We like to bring in state-of-the-art lasers — that's kind of our thing — and it really just creates a three-dimensional visual escape for our fans and it's really cool," Eberdt said. The laser technology now is unbelievable. It's the coolest thing. You can sync them so that they go straight to the music or the beat and they're really just incredible. Tons of fog, tons of lasers, and a lot of strobe lights — we like that!"

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