Snooki Blasts Off On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

Mag dubs her 'America's #1 Party Girl.'

Pint-size reality star/published author [url id=""]Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi[/url] made the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine — doing her best "Dr. Strangelove" imitation, no less — which hits newsstands this Friday. But the cover shot already hit the Web on Wednesday (March 2), prompting Polizzi to tweet, "THE NEW ROLLING STONE COVER : Nicole Snooki Polizzi ♥ #loveitorhateit =)."

In the issue, the 23-year-old, who is currently riding the success of the record-breaking third season of "Jersey Shore," poses with pickles, discusses life in the limelight and announces her plans for total reality-television domination.

While the magazine has dubbed her "America's #1 Party Girl," it may not be a title she is entirely comfortable with. Polizzi, who said she watches the show every week, has noticed how her partying ways have caught up with her. "If I do something stupid, which is pretty much the whole time, I hate it," she reveals, "I just hate it. Obviously, they're only going to put the good stuff in, and the good stuff is us drunk, so all I'm seeing is me drunk and falling down. That's how I am when I party, but some of the stuff I do is, like, 'Really, Nicole?' I look like a freakin' alcoholic. I'm like, 'You're sweating, your makeup is running, you look gross.' I just look like sh--."

Still, those less-than-flattering moments and the effects of being on camera all day, every day ("There's no normalcy," she gripes) don't seem to stop Polizzi from seeking out a life in front of the cameras. "When 'Jersey Shore' ends I'm going to do more spin-offs," she told the magazine. "What I'd like is to turn out like Jessica Simpson, with her whole brand. She makes millions ... I'm trying to build an empire, because after this I can't get a normal job. I mean, how do I go and sit behind a desk?"

But before those future endeavors, Polizzi is more than willing to talk about what's currently going on at "Jersey Shore." In addition to releasing excerpts from the interview, a video has been posted at featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the multi-outfit (including a pickle barrel) photo shoot with Polizzi, who discussed everything from heading to Italy to her occasional friend-with-benefits, "Jersey Shore" castmate Vinny Guadagnino.

Polizzi, who said she was excited but surprised that Rolling Stone chose her for the cover ("I'm like, 'Okay, who am I? Like, I don't sing, I don't do anything like that"), also theorized on why she's the most-liked castmember on the series. "I think everyone gravitates towards me more on 'Jersey Shore' just because I think I'm more relatable and ... I'm real and I don't care [if I] show my real side."

Still, Polizzi will likely bond with her fellow castmembers as they head to Italy for the upcoming fourth season. "I'm definitely excited to go to Italy for the new season," Polizzi says, but acknowledges her limited capabilities of the language. "The only thing I really know in Italian is 'Ciao, bella.' "

Polizzi also brought up a certain castmember after riding the RS cover rocket (which she later signed, "Goodbye rocket, you hurt my ass"): Vinny Guadagnino. "Vinny definitely compares to the rocket I sat on," Polizzi said of her co-star, with whom she's shared some, er, intimate moments on the show. "I would probably call that rocket Seabiscuit because that's the same size as Vinny's ding-dong."

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