Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Fashions Decoded

Gaga's inner circle reveals the secrets behind the looks in the video.

While its visuals were no doubt memorable for fans of the "Born This Way" video, Lady Gaga's funky fashions have also caught the eye of fashionistas everywhere. The video's creative director, Laurieann Gibson, credits Gaga's stylist, Nicola Formichetti, for embracing eye-catching couture for the Nick Knight-directed clip.

"When we found Nicola Formichetti — we found him when we were doing Much Music — before that we were just basically hustling and she was making a lot of the costumes, and we were grinding and America Apparel was our best friend," Gibson recalled. "And then we found Nicola and he just got it. So when we're on set, the Haus is such a collaboration, and Nicola is inspired and loves the passion of the dance. He is fashion, and him and Gaga together are magic. To see them push and pull, it's just a real process. It's like the Factory. It's very Warhol how we operate."

Formichetti blogged about the video's expansive fashion credits. In the opening sequence of the video, the star wears a head accessory by Alexis Bittar, a diamond neckpiece by Erickson Beamon with earrings by Pamela Love, and a stained-glass dress by Petra Storrs. Gaga also wears finger rings by Erickson Beamon and the technical chiffon was designed by Thierry Mugler.

During the birthing scene, co-star Raquel Zimmermann wears a bodysuit by Atsuko Kudo and a neckpiece by the Baroness. Gaga wears shoes by Natacha Marro. In the following scene, Zimmerman wears boots by Kobi Levi. And for Gaga's floating head scene, she wears Kudo and Levi, as well.

During the evil-Gaga gun scene, the singer dons knife shoes by Mugler, a dress by Sorcha O' Raghallaigh and gloves by Portolano.

When the song finally kicks in, Gaga wears skimpy lingerie that includes a bra by OMD, underwear by NYC Sex Trash by Stephanie Paterek, gloves by LaCrasia and customized half-sole shoes by Capezio. She completes the look with a special "BTW" jacket by TomTom.

For the "Born This Way" skeleton scene, both she and her skeleton lover, Rico, wear tuxedos by Mugler. For the orgy, the slime is courtesy of Bart Hess. For her Michael Jackson impression in the alley, Gaga wears a shirt and pants by Haus of Gaga, shoes by Natacha Marro, a Billykirk belt and LaCrasia gloves. As the video closes out, the unicorn horn is courtesy of Jennifer Behr.