Snoop Explains Why 'Dogg'-Lovers Span Generations

'I don't think of it as reinventing myself, 'cause it's all within me,' the 'Wet' rapper tells MTV News.

Snoop Dogg has continued to reinvent himself throughout his career, from a fresh-faced spitter to his current role as a hip-hop elder statesman. And he's clearly embracing his position. It's evident in how he's reached across the generational aisle to befriend upstart Wiz Khalifa.

Snoop's current single, "Wet," is a transformation, of sorts, for the Southern California rapper — it sounds more like an offering from Usher than Tha Doggfather — but he said the many "faces" of Snoop allow him to establish roots in more than one home.

"I don't really think of it as reinventing myself, 'cause it's all within me," Snoop told MTV News. "It's all who I am. It's more or less, faces of Snoop Dogg or characters of Snoop Dogg that's in this one spirit. But at the same time, he's able to embellish different parts of the character to create this look, that style, that sound. But it's all the same. Because when I do it all at once, when I do a concept that has all the songs, I don't have enough time to change and act like this; it's still me."

As his career has progressed, Snoop said he's noticed the effect songs that span his catalog have on audiences. "Gin and Juice," he said, strikes his older fans how an Al Green song gets to him, while the younger set appreciates a song like "Drop It Like It's Hot" much more.

"I have different songs for different generations and different genres," he said. "It doesn't bother me that I'm growing old, that the fans are growing old and my music is growing old, 'cause that's the whole purpose of doing it, is to grow old and let your music be here when you're gone."

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