Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Video Is 'Slimy,' 'Sexy,' Fans Say

Little Monsters in New York's Times Square react to Gaga's shocking birth scene, Michael Jackson homage and more.

NEW YORK -- Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video premiered on Monday (February 28), and, as many of her videos tend to do, it created some confusion among viewers. MTV News asked fans in New York City's Times Square for their reactions.

"It looks like she's giving birth to something," Angela Foreman suggested.

"She looks really slimy!" Amanda Russ squealed.

Another fan, Katie Doig, made the same observation as several of those we spoke to: "She's so bizarre, but she's great!"

The video features Gaga taking on various identities, both "good" and "evil," and is filled with dancing, kaleidoscopic imagery, protruding facial and shoulder horns and, of course, fashionably loud costumes and makeup.

"She looks strange," Foreman said about one scene. "Like a devil, very demonic."

"I don't understand [but] it's typical from Lady Gaga," Guillaume Lachaud said about the unusual looks, and then added, "very beautiful, very sexy."

Gaga also is seen performing intricate moves (choreographed by Laurieann Gibson) to the "Born This Way" chorus, while dressed in a black bra and bikini; her body is especially exposed and toned in this clip.

"She's such a good dancer!" Doig exclaimed.

As for the tuxedo-wearing skeleton sequence, it reminded some fans of another music-video pop icon.

"She looks like Michael Jackson!" Lachaud smiled. "Very 'Thriller,' " Foreman added.

In spite of their baffled expressions, all agreed that the video held up against her previous work.

"I think she looks great," Andrew Janda complimented. "It's a nice video."

"She's so out there," Doig laughed. "But it's so good, like, only Lady Gaga can do it."

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