Lady Gaga Producer Calls 'Judas' Playful With A 'Serious Message'

'It's about sometimes not choosing the right choice,' says Fernando Garibay, who has heard second Born This Way single.

Lady Gaga fans are still reveling in the eye candy that is her "Born This Way" video, which dropped on Monday. But they're also eager to hear more songs off the May album release of the same name, and that includes her second single, "Judas."

Fernando Garibay, who co-produced many of the tracks on Born This Way, stopped by MTV News a few hours after the video debuted and dished what the second club banger from the album will sound like.

"Judas is produced by RedOne and Gaga, obviously, and it's a statement about, again I can't speak for her, but what I gather is it's about sometimes not choosing the right choice," he teased, adding, "But you can't deny that the choice is not a part of you and who you are."

Like "Born This Way," "Judas" will have fans dancing. And while "Born This Way" harks back to the club tracks of the '90s, Garibay explained that "Judas" is a more traditional Gaga tune.

" 'Judas' is a dance song, definitely," he said. "I think 'Judas' in the traditional RedOne/Gaga vein. It's great because it's a serious message, it's a little playful, but still serious, but still somehow you wind up dancing to it. That's what's great about her music. You know, like, my favorite songs of all time, dance songs, 'Billie Jean,' is a story you wouldn't think of singing but then you wind up dancing and singing the lyrics. I think that's the holy grail of music for me, which is dance."

Gaga has commented on the track in radio interviews, sharing what inspired the song.

"It's about always falling in love with the wrong man over and over again," she said recently. " 'Judas' is a very, very dark song. It's rad."

RedOne has also been keeping fans on their toes about the song, saying, "It's gonna shock. You're gonna be surprised and wanna go crazy."

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