Will Ferrell 'A Sweetheart' On 'The Office' Set, Rainn Wilson Says

'Anchorman' star currently scheduled to appear in only four episodes.

Even if Will Ferrell doesn't join "The Office" as a permanent castmember, his stint as a Dunder Mifflin branch manager already seems to have made an impact on the cast. Rainn Wilson confirmed the nature of Ferrell's performance in the NBC series, which will soon see its figurehead, Steve Carell, depart, but Wilson also seemed a little starstruck.

"We've been doing a ton with Will Ferrell, and it is so cool," Wilson told MTV News on Saturday night at the Independent Spirit Awards. "I just keep thinking, 'I'm acting with Will Ferrell! This is so awesome!' And he's the nicest guy: just a sweetheart and so much fun."

Carell will leave a Michael Scott-sized hole when he exits the show at the end of the season, and Ferrell wanted to be a part of his "Anchorman" co-star's final performances so much that he requested the part himself. His four-episode arc won't install his character as the new man in charge, but it will showcase an epic fail on Scott's part as Ferrell's character asserts himself.

"He is the new manager that Michael Scott has brought in to replace him, but we kind of swiftly realize that that's a terrible idea.

Terrible," Wilson said.

For now, exactly what Ferrell has been doing to warrant such reviews and possibly make Michael Scott look like a good management choice by comparison remains largely a mystery. More guest stars are expected to show up as Carell prepares to dedicate more of his life to making films, but it will be hard for anyone to stand toe-to-toe with Ferrell's comedic talents.

Ferrell's effect on Wilson, meanwhile, should at least be potent enough to carry Wilson's character (Dwight) well into the post-Scott era, however long that turns out to be. Whether a new actor emerges to take control of the company or one of the show's other stars rises to the position, having the man who played Ron Burgundy in the same room as Carell for a while seems to be good for morale.

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