will.i.am Unveils Teaser Of Britney Spears Collaboration

'I can be the treble, baby/ You can be the bass,' Spears sings on the snippet of the track, titled 'The Big Fat Bass.'

Will.i.am has posted a snippet from his collaboration with Britney Spears, and it might just have fans saying "OMG." The segment of the funky track, titled "The Big Fat Bass," is the latest teaser from Spears' upcoming March 29 release, Femme Fatale.

The snippet opens with the electronically altered voice of will.i.am singing, "Big fat bass/ the big fat bass," as a keyboard plays underneath. Then a beat kicks in.

Britney soon joins in, speak-singing in a bright and loud voice, "I can be the treble, baby/ You can be the bass/ You can be the bass."

In a blog message that accompanied the audio clip, Will wrote, "The big fat bass ... this is a taste ... this is the intro ... the bass is an important element to club dance music ... this song celebrates bass ... thank you Britney for collaborating it was a pleasure working with you ... thank you for trusting my instincts ... you're a doll ... i look forward on working with you again ... its an honor because you rarely do collaboration."

The Black Eyed Peas frontman revealed more information about the snippet on

target="_blank">Twitter, where he posted on Sunday that he is loving the direction that the album's executive producers, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, are taking.

"Im editing the snippet. there are so many parts in this song. I have so many favorite parts. It's difficult to pick which part to show 1st," he wrote, going on to discuss all the things he loves about the tune while showing a series of screen images of the audio file. "There are soo many hot parts ... the second verse??? I love this section...the beat is nuts here and britney kills it ... or the 2nd hook? Because [on] the second half of the first hook the bass build up is crazy ... or the breakdown??? At this point a brand new beat is revealed. (The sickest beat) ... [that] section is my favorite...my favorite new beat...I'm excited to dj this section...

Will concluded the Twitter thread by saying, "Ok...I'm going to reveal the intro...I will give u a taste of the bass," including a link to the snippet.

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