Adele's 21 Set To Debut At #1

Projected big sales come after a slew of the singer's tour dates had to be moved to larger venues.

Fame has never been Adele's top priority, but these days, there's no stopping the singer's rapid rise in popularity.

Adele's star is only growing brighter on both sides of the pond. According to the singer's website, a slew of her U.S. tour dates had to be moved to bigger venues to meet popular demand (she even added extra gigs in New York). In addition, according to Reuters, her latest album, 21, is projected to move as many as 300,000 copies by Sunday, guaranteeing a #1 debut in America.

The 22-year-old has mentioned in the past that she has no desire to share the celebrity of her contemporaries. "I was just thinking, imagine being someone like Cheryl Cole or Katy Perry or Gaga, where you've got to be conniving to have a normal day," Adele told Britain's The Sun earlier this month. "That scares the life out of me. I don't think I'd be able to carry on doing music if it got to that point. I don't think it ever will -- I don't think I'm the kind of artist where that will happen."

The singer/songwriter has also mentioned that she prefers a smaller scene to an outsize stadium. "I can't do arenas because I'm not [Lady Gaga]," Adele was recently quoted as saying.

But don't let the singer's seemingly reserved mentality fool you: Adele wants her music to cross over to the States, even if she doesn't desire the forceful spotlight that follows. "It's a big deal in England," Adele told MTV News of success in America. "I didn't think I'd ever release a record here."

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