Skylar Grey On Her Role In Dr. Dre's 'I Need A Doctor'

Singer/songwriter also discusses her newfound, post-Grammy performance fame with 'RapFix Live.'

Ever since her breakout performance on the 2011 Grammy Awards alongside Eminem and Dr. Dre, singer/songwriter Skylar Grey has exploded onto the scene and shows no signs of letting up.

The 25-year-old Wisconsin native joined "RapFix Live" on Thursday afternoon after the world premiere of Dre's video for "I Need a Doctor," which features the dark-haired beauty's urgent and haunting vocals.

MTV News asked the red-hot songstress about her role in Dre's new video for the second single from his final opus, Detox, but not before pointing out Skylar's newfound notoriety. "Ever since the Grammy performance, we've been bombarded with people wanting to work with me, and interviews. It's been pretty crazy," Grey said.

We asked the buzzing young vocalist about her role in the dramatic and epic video, in which she appears as a ghostly apparition. "My role in the video is not necessarily what you would expect," shared Skylar. "I play a doctor, but it makes sense because I'm the rehabilitation doctor and [I'm] kind of bringing Dr. Dre back to life."

While Grey doesn't consider herself an actor, she praised both Eminem and Dre for their performances in the video. "I thought that they were good, really good," Skylar said. "I've seen Em do cameos in movies, and well, Em did '8 Mile,' and I think he's really talented in that area."

Grey is currently working with Alex da Kid on her debut album.