Justin Bieber 'Real Hairstyle' Dolls Keep Swoop Alive

We hit a New York toy fair for scoop on the latest dolls, including a first look at an mp3-equipped, purple Bieber tour bus.

If you're still mourning the loss of Justin Bieber's luscious locks, there's some news that could very well perk you up (and, no, it hasn't grown back yet). Just days before the "Never Say Never" star chopped off his trademark coif, toy company Bridge Direct debuted Justin Bieber "Real Hairstyle" dolls at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

MTV News caught up with George Vorkas of Bridge Direct, who give us the rundown on everything fans can expect from the doll, whose retail price is set at $17.99 and is slated to hit shelves this August.

After the company received complaints about their first Bieber model, which featured plastic hair, Vorkas and his associates gave the 2011 model "real" hair.

"This year, we have Justin with hair. Every girl at home can now play with his hair and style it the way they want," Vorkas explained.

In addition to styling their toy Biebs — like the original, it "sings," only this time newer hits like "U Smile" and "Never Say Never" have been added — fans can also put him on the road. The company has created a purple (naturally) Bieber tour bus, complete with a functioning mp3 player dock and a stage setup that includes guitar, drums, keyboard and the heart-shaped cage he featured on his most recent tour.

"As Justin does new things with his stage sets, we'll be coming out with matching toys," Vorkas assured us. (The stage sets and tour bus will go for a whopping $79.99.)

And that's not the only way the company plans to evolve with the ever-changing pop phenom. While the 2011 doll features a variety of Bieber-inspired accessories and outfits, collectors and/or purse string-opening parents can also expect ever-changing fashions from the "Baby" singer. As Vorkas told MTV News, "When Justin changes into a new outfit, we'll also be coming out with that outfit."

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