'Hall Pass' Stars Recall Best And Worst Pickup Lines

Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis and Jenna Fischer quip about some memorable dating experiences with MTV News.

Those who have seen the trailer for Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis' new comedy, "Hall Pass," know that in the Farrelly brothers-directed film, the duo embark upon a series of zany misadventures after obtaining "hall passes" — basically a one-week vacation/break from their marriages — from their wives. During this marital hiatus, the boys do everything they can to pick up women, oftentimes using the most outlandish and ridiculous of pickup lines.

When MTV News caught up with Wilson, Sudeikis and fellow co-star Jenna Fischer recently during the film's press day, we asked them to share their go-to lines, as well as a few they've used with success.

"Hi, I'm Jason Sudeikis," Wilson quipped, which prompted a witty exchange between him and the "Saturday Night Live" star.

"Aw, that's very nice of you," Sudeikis said. "Does that work for you?"

"Yeah!" Wilson exclaimed, laughing.

And then Sudeikis focused a bit, seeming to put some thought into the question, only to make room for more for Wilson laughter and more back-and-forth banter between the two.

"My most successful one is, 'How much do you cost?' " Sudeikis joked. "And you have to use that specifically."

"Hold that for Valentine's Day," Wilson advised, even though Sudeikis clearly wasn't paying attention and went on with reciting bad pickup techniques.

" 'Are those real?' " Sudeikis said. " 'Your eyes. I'm talking about your dreams.' "

" 'Are they realistic?' " Wilson added.

Fine, fine. If they won't take the question seriously then we won't. Next up, a few of the best and worst pickup lines the fellow castmembers have heard over the years.

"Usually women will insult me," Sudeikis explained. " 'I don't see why you're so great.' And then, for some reason, I find that completely alluring."

"Ok, I'm going to win you over!" Wilson added. "Ok, sit right here. Settle in for the next hour or three — here we go," he joked.

Following with the theme of insults as pickup lines, Jenna Fischer recalled a particular unsettling experience.

"I had this guy come up to me at a bar when I was much younger and he had said, 'I bet I can guess your weight and if I do, can I get a kiss?' And I thought to myself, 'What?! No! What woman wants to talk about her weight? What if you're wrong? What if you're right? I don't care, anyway,' " she said. "The idea that you just approached me with the most objectified vision of me, you whittled me down to a number, was so offensive."

Needless to say, Fischer was not particularly receptive to that line.

"He did not get a kiss," she added.

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