'Breaking Dawn' Star Talks Bella's Bridal Gown, Vampire Makeover

Billy Burke, a.k.a. Dad Charlie Swan, tells MTV News he's mostly 'oblivious to everything that's going on with vampires' on set.

It's been awhile now since we've had any updates from the castmembers of the highly anticipated "Breaking Dawn" two-part finale. Thus far this year, there have been steamy bedroom photos, talk of Kristen Stewart's impressive transformation into a vampire and Peter Facinelli's thoughts on an epic vampire-on-vampire battle scene at the end of Part 2.

When MTV News caught up with "Breaking Dawn" supporting player Billy Burke recently, he reluctantly gave us the vaguest of answers when we asked about his favorite filming moment so far.

"We are having a lot of fun," Burke said while doing press for his upcoming violent thriller "Drive Angry." "We're in the midst of that now."

Burke, who plays the (mostly) blissfully ignorant father Charlie to Kristen Stewart's Bella, said his character is up to the same old tricks in the final two "Twilight" films.

"I go back in about a week to continue my job in that movie," he said. "Which is being oblivious to everything that's going on with vampires and werewolves."

Those familiar with the vampire films will agree that this is a fair and accurate assessment of his character's story line. Still, we assumed that surely Burke has been privy to a few fun details, so we asked whether his character, Charlie Swan, finds out that his daughter has become a vampire in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

"In the first part? No," Burke revealed. "That's no secret, [for] those who have read the books," he explained.

What about Bella's wedding dress? Has he seen that yet?

"No," Burke said with finality, declining to divulge any more "Dawn" details.

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