Justin Bieber's Haircut: Fans Weigh In!

While many Beliebers are gushing over his 'sexy,' 'older' cut, others tell MTV News they miss his signature 'swoop.'

This week Justin Bieber made headlines thanks to a new haircut. The Biebs had his famous swooping bangs cut into a shorter, cropped look, and he told talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres he doesn't "really care" what people have to say about his 'do.

But his fans have been weighing in on the new hairstyle anyway, and many of them approve of the haircut.

"I really like it and it actually makes him look older!!!! And for all u down there hating on Bieber well if it was Angelina Jolie I'm sure you'd have something to say so don't hate 'cause he's sexy and he ain't even legal yet," Amanda wrote on MTV.com.

Lilia added, "AAh, he looks better with the new hair! Suits him!"

Beliebers have been debating the star's latest look since he debuted it earlier this week. Coote noted on our site that Bieber is much more than a head of hair. "I think he [looks] sexy ... i don't love him for his hair... i love him because he is sweet, cute and perfect," Coote wrote.

MTV News also took to the streets of New York City to see whether people preferred the "Never Say Never" star's old look or the new one.

"I like it, I think it looks good on him," Catherine said of Bieber's longtime haircut. She added about the brand-new cut: "I like it better than the other one, but I think that a lot of his fans liked the [old] one. ... Everyone loves him for his hair and now he doesn't have it anymore."

Meanwhile, Tiffany loved the original but was blown away by the new version. "I think it's very Bieberish, I like that long swoop. It definitely works for him," Tiffany said before we showed her the updated look. "Oh my god! It's such a transformation! I just love it! He looks so much older!"

"It's just beautiful," Christina explained of the old 'do. "I liked him with his longer hair better. That's just who he was discovered as."

"He looks a little geeky," Sofia said of his famous original hairdo. "It's much better," she said of the cropped cut. "He doesn't look like my brother anymore. He looks five years older. He's so cute."

Which do you prefer: Bieber's long locks or his cropped cut? Tell us in the comments!