Foo Fighters Premiere High-Octane Single 'Rope'

First release from Wasting Light is a definite departure, yet still remains true to their roots.

On Wednesday (February 23), the [artist id="986"]Foo Fighters[/artist] unveiled "Rope," the proper first single off their upcoming Wasting Light album. And while it's nowhere near as gnarly as "White Limo" — the snarling promo clip they foisted on fans earlier this month (complete with an awesome VHS-filmed, Lemmy-infused video) it's most certainly a lumbering beast in its own right.

Starting out with spacey, spare chords, "Rope" (which will be available for download on March 1) doesn't take long to shift into high gear, switching into a thundering, twisting series of interlocking riffs, breakneck drumming, stop-start time signatures and, of course, an absolute earworm of a chorus, a characteristic that has become the Foo's calling card.

"Gimme some rope, I'm coming loose, I'm hanging on you," Dave Grohl sings, over a bed of roiling guitars. "Give me some rope, I'm coming loose, I'm pulling for you now."

It all builds to a high-octane conclusion, with chords crashing and a skuzzy guitar solo unspooling above the din. There are, of course, nods to the proggy rock of Rush (the Foo Fighers are nothing if not traditionalists), but for the most part, "Rope" seems to keep with the spirit of what producer Butch Vig told MTV News back in January about Wasting Light (due April 12), which he described as "primal" and "raw." The guitars are fuzzy and crushing, Taylor Hawkins' drumming is loose and fluid (even on the breakdown) and Grohl, well, he certainly yowls.

It's a gut-punch of frazzled guitars and stuttering tempos. At the same time, it feels right at home in the Foo Fighters' canon, thanks in no small part to that hooky chorus. They may have gone back to the garage to make Wasting Light, but they certainly haven't forgotten what got them to this point, either.