Lady Gaga Inspires Fans At Madison Square Garden Show

'She's god! This little monster loves her mommy!' one fan told MTV News.

On Monday night, Lady Gaga’s little monsters put on their best Gaga as they headed to Madison Square Garden for Mother Monster ‘s latest stop at the famed New York City venue, where she was making her first of two appearances. The fans were not only treated to her Monster Ball, but also got the chance to see Gaga’s new single “Born This Way” live and be part of Gaga history as she taped the concert for an upcoming HBO special .

So, what stood out most? “When she gave her little speech about never letting someone tell you can’t get a Grammy [or] you can’t get an HBO special,” Gaga fan Leanna told MTV News outside the show, moments after Gaga wrapped up. “I cried because it was just so meaningful … it’s like no one can tell me no.”

Fellow fan Carey noted that Gaga is always thinking of her fans when she puts on her two-hour-plus spectacle. “I always feel like it’s catered to her customers and her fans,” he excitedly shared. “Go little monsters!”

Casey noted that being in the room as Gaga performed “Born This Way” was awe-inspiring. “I mean, it’s her hometown and she just reenacted the Grammy performance,” she said. “It’s f—in’ beautiful.”

It seemed that particular song really resonated with the fans who came out to see Gaga. “My favorite was the last song, ‘Born This Way.’ To me, it’s a great anthem for kids today, or anyone for that matter,” Gaga fan Tony said.

Evie and her pal Cecelia also loved the finale. “I loved ‘Born This Way’ at the end,” Evie said. “It was perfect. It was the perfect ending.”

And two of Gaga’s New York fans summed it up this way: “She is our religion,” Danielle proclaimed. Her pal Joey agreed, adding, “She’s god! This little monster loves her mommy!”