Reek Da Villian Calls His NYC Sound A Gift, Not A Curse

'Everyone is just coming around with bounce music,' the Busta Rhymes protégé tells Mixtape Daily of current scene.

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Street King: Reek da Villian

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Mixtape: The Gift

Real Spit: The Conglomerate's [article id="1652005"]Reek da Villian[/article] was in a giving mood over the holidays when he delivered his 16-track collection The Gift. Featuring Busta Rhymes, Lloyd Banks and Waka Flocka Flame, among others, the set showcases Reek's range and certifies him as an upstart to keep an eye on.

"It's happy music, it's serious music, it's music that's conscious," Reek told Mixtape Daily about his latest project. "You just have to give people everything; you touching all audiences and reaching all genres and races."

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» "Keep Goin' Reek": "I like it this way, it makes you stick out," Reek said about his Big Apple sound. "It makes you stand out. When everyone is just coming around with bounce music and when you come with real soulful sounding [production], spitting some real lyrics and taking it back to the original art with the music, it makes you stand out.

"It makes you stand out from the guys that are trying to be a part of the fads. When I come through, everything I do, you're gonna be able to tell I'm passionate about the music."

» "Promise Land": "There's people that are just focused on making the single and getting rich," Reek explained. "Everybody lost the nature of the art, which is just making good music that the people are gonna like. It's not about making one single, that's why the majority of those [acts] are here today and then gone. They might have had that one record, had a nice tour run, but then they're gone."

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