Betsey Johnson Debuts A Duo Of Lines At New York Fashion Week

Black Tag is 'more luxurious,' while Pink Patch reflects the designer's personal style, Johnson tells MTV News.

Leave it to Betsey Johnson to electrify New York fashion week.

The eccentric designer debuted two compelling collections this week and surprised the audience by using her store employees as models for part of the show.

Each of Johnson's collections catered to a different clientele. The first line to hit the runway was the higher-end Black Tag, which featured darker colors and touches of plaid. Animal print, which seems to be a big trend for fall, was also a key element in most of the pieces, as models in leopard-print dresses and zebra leggings made their way down the catwalk.

"It's bigger, richer, it's more luxurious," Johnson told MTV News.

Of course, the clothes weren't the only conversation starters with the Black Tag line. The models also rocked eye-catching hairdos imprinted with a lace outline. "I wanted the same hair: short to show the Victorian collar," Johnson explained. "All you do is hold a piece of lace and you get hair-spray paint that washes right out and you spray it."

While the Black Tag line featured a darker look, the second half of Johnson's show for her affordable Pink Patch line was much more whimsical and bright.

"The other half of the show, I'm cloning them out to be me," said Johnson, who had employees from her stores model the clothes.

Yellow and pink were prominent colors in the Pink Patch collection, as were floral leggings and dresses. Also, unlike the short black hairstyle used during the Black Tag line, Johnson opted to have her Pink Patch models hit the runway with blond hair and heavy bangs, much like her own style.

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