JWoww Dishes Relationship Advice On 'Tonight Show'

'Jersey Shore' star is out promoting her book, 'The Rules According to JWoww.'

Though Jenni "JWoww" Farley is one of the most lovable characters from "Jersey Shore" both on- and offscreen, she certainly has had her problems with relationships.

For the first season of the show, she entered the Shore house in a steady relationship with boyfriend Tommy, but after a steamy make-out session with castmate Pauly D, he broke it off with her. Now, however, she's seven months into a relationship with boyfriend Roger and told Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" that she has learned her lesson.

"I wrote the book ['The Rules According to JWoww'] when I was in the middle of our relationship, about four months ago, and I based it off him," she told Leno on Wednesday night's show. "I was like, this is what I did wrong with all my exes, and now I found him."

The book details JWoww's secrets on how to land the guy you want and how to destroy the competition, and she shared some of her sage advice on "The Tonight Show." Rule number one for a first date? Don't drink.

"Don't end up like we are on the show. Avoid that," the 23-year-old said with a laugh. "You want to build communication. You want to listen to what they're saying."

JWoww said she's been in three serious relationships so far, and has had her share of dating men both good and bad. When Leno asked her if she hopes she and Roger will still be together the next time she comes on the show, she said she hopes so. But JWoww isn't sure whether Roger will be visiting her when the "Jersey Shore" gang heads to Italy for the coming season.

Still, with her advice book built around their relationship, it seems that sticking by her own rules — like being up front about her eating habits and not settling for a guy whose lifestyle she has a problem with — has been keeping the two lovebirds happy. Take for instance rule 17: Bust his, er, chops a little.

"Roger's going to kill me. He's a bodybuilder, he's huge, he's about 6' 3". I like to be like, oh, you're looking a little small recently," she said. "Got to keep it interesting."

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