Nick Jonas Previews His 'Mr. Sunshine' Cameo

'It was really fun to stretch my personality a bit,' Jonas Brother tells MTV News of playing a jerk on Wednesday's episode.

Nick Jonas is probably one of the nicest guys in the music industry, but for his appearance on ABC's "Mr. Sunshine" on Wednesday night (February 16), the pop star had to get his jerk on, playing the ultra-demanding rock star Eli, who gives Matthew Perry's character a run for his money on the new sitcom.

"It was really fun to stretch my personality a bit while doing the 'Mr. Sunshine' cameo. I was playing a jerk named Eli, and he's kind of like a rock-star guy who pushes out a jerk attitude to compensate the fact that he's really insecure about a lot of things — really similar to me, " he joked to MTV News about the cameo. "And Matthew Perry's obviously a legend. It was so cool to work with him and soak up as much as I could."

Jonas said he got the call from the TV star himself asking if he wanted to make a cameo on the show. Jonas said he is a big fan of the former "Friends" star. "I always watched it growing up when it was on, and I've got a lot of friends who are die-hard 'Friends' fans, but I did watch the show, and I'd have to say he was my favorite character on the show."

When asked what "Friends" character he always felt he related to most, the 18-year-old said he is the Chandler Bing of his circle of friends. "I would definitely be like him," he said, before explaining that he hopes he's a bit like Perry as well. "He's the man. I would hope that I was like him. I mean, he's very talented in real life and has so much to give."

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