Britney Spears' New Clip Comes On Eve Of 'Hold It Against Me' Premiere

'Jersey Shore' star Pauly D, Justin Bieber tweet links to video teasers.

One day to go! And in the latest teaser for [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist]' "Hold It Against Me" video, the pop star gets her groove on with some male dancers.

The singer stands, wearing a tie-dyed jacket, silver short-shorts and fishnet stockings, while male dancers writhe around her, putting their faces on her and grinding against her. Spears' face looks intense in the midst of the sexy routine.

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D shared the clip Wednesday (February 16), tweeting, "Who's Ready For Jerzday Tmw Night Starring The Queen Of Pop @BritneySpears Her Videos Gonna Be Fire!!!"

Spears will debut her video for "Hold It Against Me" on Thursday night. In celebration of Brit's epic return to the medium that made her a star, MTV News is hosting a live discussion on following the premiere, with a full hour of special guests breaking down the new video and discussing what we can expect from her upcoming album, Femme Fatale.

Pauly D's shining endorsement of the penultimate teaser comes the day after Justin Bieber got on the Britney train, tweeting the release of Tuesday's promo. "My girl @britneyspears vid for Hold It Against Me is premiering thurs night on @mtv. ...wanna watch it?" he wrote. "Watch it!"

Spears then took to her Twitter account to give some props to the teen star, writing, "Aww thanks so much @justinbieber! BTW I loved your movie Never Say Never ...what an amazing story. U guys need to see it!"

Spears does not appear in Tuesday's clip: Images of old-fashioned cameras burst on the screen before a flash goes off. A hand then appears in the frame slamming down a clapper board.

Don't miss Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" video premiere Thursday at 9:56 p.m. ET on MTV and, followed by "MTV First: Britney Spears' 'Hold It Against Me' Video Premiere," a live discussion on at 11 p.m. about the new clip and what's next for the pop star!