Bruno Mars Reacts To Lil Wayne's 'Grenade' Remix

'I was like, 'What? Press play,' ' he tells MTV News of spotting Weezy reboot on the Net.

Lil Wayne has a platinum touch when it comes to lacing remixes with his witty rhymes and Bruno Mars is the latest recipient.

The Cash Money Records superstar blessed the singer's "Grenade" with a spoken word-style flow, expressing devotion for his love interest. When Bruno Mars heard it, he had one thought: Awesome.

"I saw it online and it said 'Lil Wayne,' " Bruno told MTV News at Sunday's Grammys about the unofficial remix. "I was like, 'What? Press play.' "

"And I don't mind when we fall out," Wayne begins. "Long as we fall back into it/ I hope we never put an end to it/ Even though you not that into it/ Heaven, have you ever been it?/ 'Cause it looks like you never been/ You're more like a Hell's Angel/ And for you I'd rather sin/ Broken heart/ Love you with a broken heart/ For you I'll jump off Noah's Ark/ Love is blind and hope is dark/ Why does pain feel so good? Love is science/ Live for you, die for you/ And I'll die smiling."

On Tuesday (February 15), Mars and Janelle Monáe announced they would tour together on a two-month trek called Hooligans In Wondaland. The outing — running from May through June — pairs the dynamic singers, who joined B.o.B at the Grammy Awards for a well-received performance.

Bruno Mars also announced the next single from his debut Doo-Wops & Hooligans will be "The Lazy Song," which he'll shoot a video for later this week in Los Angeles.

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