Kendrick Lamar Calls Joint Project With J. Cole 'Something Incredible'

Compton MC reveals that album will be '90 percent produced' by the Jay-Z protégé.

LOS ANGELES — Last week, J. Cole told Mixtape Daily he was itching to show the world that he's a dope lyricist and a pretty good producer as well.

Instead of waiting on a call from Jay-Z or Nas for some beats, however, he decided to find his own production project: Compton, California's Kendrick Lamar. MTV News caught up Lamar in the studio with the rest of Black Hippy, and he said their collaboration works because he and Cole are on the same page.

"It's a lot of similarities with the story as far as somebody that's trying to escape the evils of the world but prone to it and used to it," Lamar said. "What we got now is something incredible. I just got out the studio with him a couple of days ago. He's out here in L.A. He was playing his album — between tracks of us doing our stuff — and it sounds incredible, and I'm just inspired. So much good music around me, I can't help but do my best work."

Lamar recently brought Cole out at his show in L.A., although the Jay-Z protégé's presence might have gone unnoticed thanks to Dr. Dre's surprise visit.

Lamar said he and Cole don't yet have a name for the project, but they have found the vibe and feel for it and plan to release it in album form, not as a mixtape. Another interesting tidbit: The project will feature Cole's production and Lamar's rhymes with Cole only showcasing his lyrical prowess on a few of the tracks.

"Everything's going to be 90 percent produced by him, me busting over them, and he should be featured on a few too," Lamar said. "I know he wanted to do most of the tracks. We got some records, man."

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