The-Dream Wants Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z For Next Album

'I'm cashing in my chips,' singer/producer says of calling in favors to get heavy-hitters on his June release.

The-Dream has had a hand in making hits for a long list of superstars. He penned Rihanna's breakout hit "Umbrella," executive-produced Ciara's latest album and sang a duet with Drake on the Toronto lyricist's Thank Me Later.

Now, the Atlanta songwriter/singer is readying his fourth release — to be titled The Love, IV — and trading in all of those celebrity favors for the effort.

"This album is gonna have more features, which is unique for me, 'cause I usually don't carry a lot of features," he told MTV News. "I'm calling it out now. I'm cashing in my chips. I'm gonna try to get everybody, Wayne, [Kanye], Jay, Drake, Mary, anybody that I've worked with or [loaned] a hand to, I'm trying to get on my album."

After flirting with an early retirement, The-Dream announced last week that he was at work on his next LP.

"Everybody's calling for an album now, so I should have one out by August," Dream said before the Los Angeles premiere of Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never."

He's now confirmed to MTV News that he has set a tentative June 7 release date. And in addition to the slew of guest artists he's trying to secure, he also revealed he's looking forward to working with a range of producers, including Carlos McKinney, Polow Da Don, (possibly) Dr. Dre and, of course, his frequent collaborator Christopher "Tricky" Stewart.

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