Rumored 'Dark Knight Rises' Star Marion Cotillard Praises Christopher Nolan

The French actress, who reportedly is set to accept a role in Nolan's upcoming 'Batman' flick, calls the writer/director 'a very, very smart guy.'

Another week, another report of an "Inception" star potentially joining Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises." Tom Hardy has already signed on to the project, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly in talks and now it seems Marion Cotillard is in discussions to accept a role, as well.

In addition to their shared screen credits, the three actors have at least one more thing in common: a whole lot of love for Nolan. Hardy has previously told us that working with the writer/director was akin to being "swept up on this carpet of love," while Gordon-Levitt has called Nolan "a genuine artist" and "a master." Cotillard, too, has spoken effusively about her experience with Nolan, so it's no surprise that she might sign on for what is widely thought to be his third and final "Batman" film.

"The guy is so interesting," she told us back in June of 2009, shortly before production on "Inception" began. "He writes his own scripts. He seems to be, from what I saw and what I read, so rich inside. He's got so many things to say and share and he's a very, very smart guy. You really can feel it in his writing."

As he did on "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," Nolan is sharing screenwriting duties on the new film. He also earned an Oscar nod for his "Memento" script a decade ago and is nominated again this year for his writing on "Inception." While Cotillard confessed to us that she didn't exactly understand everything in "Inception" when she first read the script, the French-born actress put her faith in Nolan's talents as a writer of uncommon depth.

"Most of it really moved me and touched me, even though I didn't get everything," she told us last summer. "But I felt that it was something filled with so many things and that when you read a script like this, the first thing is it is Christopher Nolan's movie. He's a writer. I had a lot of questions, but I knew that I would have answers.

"I think it's the kind of movie that each person will have their own interpretation, and that's a good thing because it creates conversations about it and you can share what you think," she added. "It's a beautiful way to gather people and share something."

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