Valentine's Day Love Gurus Trey Songz, Lloyd Dole Out Tips

MTV News caught up with two of the smoothest guys in the R&B game for advice on how to lay it down.

Naked movie nights, surprise candelight dinners and a heart-shaped box of ... honesty. Trey Songz and Lloyd, card-carrying members of the R&B smooth dudes club, have some interesting ideas about how to lay it down on the most romantic day of the year. So for the millions of American men who woke up on Monday morning (February 14) seeing red — roses and lacy lingerie, that is — and suffering the high-expectations performance anxiety of Valentine's Day, you're in luck!

MTV News caught up with the Love Faces tourmates just as the pre-holiday weekend kicked off and asked them for their foolproof guide to making your significant other "say aah."

While Trey sagely warned against letting the holiday "sneak up on you" ("you know, Valentine's, you gotta prepare for that, you gotta be ready"), he also said that it doesn't take a lot to score high marks. "If it's genuine, you'll go out of your way to make sure that person feels good. And if you're a genuine person, I don't think money or how much someone can buy you can make you feel that way," he told us.

Like the "I Invented Sex" singer, Lloyd goes for inventiveness over excess when making plans. He went on to detail his idea of a flawless V-Day.

"A perfect Valentine's Day? Anytime that we can wear the least amount of clothes as possible, it's a great day for me. So if we can just find somewhere and be naked," or as the New Orleans native pronounced it, nekkid, "for long periods of time: eat nekkid, cook nekkid, watch movies nekkid, obviously take a nekkid shower. Anything that doesn't require clothing I think is a great, great date," he said as we blushed.

Well, what about gifting your girl with tried-and-true assorted chocolates or the special-delivery floral arrangements, we asked.

"I think it's specifically catered to each woman, you can't give [all women the same thing]," Trey argued. "I mean, you could but that's not the way you get it done," the Virgina crooner added with a knowing, dimpled grin. "You want her to be like, 'Wow,' you know what I mean? Not, 'Oh,' " he laughed.

As for Young Lloyd, he bypasses the Godiva counter altogether: "I'm not really good with chocolates 'cause I usually eat them before I give them to the girl. I'm more of a hopeless romantic."

Indeed, the utterly charming Lloyd said he's a real throwback when it comes to date etiquette, and advocated for romantic gestures like getting the car door for your lady ... with a notable exception, of course. "I guess I still believe in chivalry; it ain't dead. I'm still the kind of guy that likes to open the door — but on occasions. If it's raining, you better run to the door with me," he said before dissolving into laughter.

For guys looking to cram on the smoove-moves handbook that Trey and Lloyd seem to have mastered, the "Lay It Down" singer revealed that his seductive streak is rooted in his Southern upbringing, not book-learning. "I come from a very romantic household with my grandparents being together since high school," Lloyd said. "My mother introduced me to my first records, old love songs."

He went on to add that "honesty" was at the top of his list of romantic gestures. "I'm a pretty lovable guy," he said with a mischievous smirk. "I like to make friends; I like to build bridges instead of putting up walls."

Having doled out advice for the guys, we asked whether there was anything that girls should avoid doing on Valentine's Day. Hint: A little appreciation for those four-star restaurant reservations goes a long way.

"She shouldn't give me a hard time. I work really hard to be able to take you to this beautiful restaurant, she's complaining about how she can't pronounce the dishes 'cause it's too fancy," Lloyd joked. "Just don't give me a hard time."

You can thank us later.

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