Kobe Bryant, Brooklyn Decker, Candice Accola Look Back On 'When I Was 17'

Stars remember fast-food runs and telling off teachers in latest episode.

Kobe Bryant was obviously working on his now legendary hoop game when he was 17, but even with NBA superstardom ahead of him, he also made time to score fast food.

The Los Angeles Lakers baller reminisced about ditching class to score tasty eats on the latest episode of "When I Was 17," which premiered on Saturday. In the episode, which also featured stories from supermodel Brooklyn Decker and "The Vampire Diaries" star Candice Accola, explained how he and his friends would play hooky and snag a burger or some Mexican food.

"I had taken the bulk of my classes my first three years. So my senior year was a pretty easy year. Every day was senior cut day," Kobe said. "We used to just talk in between breaks or in between periods. [We'd just say] 'You hungry?' 'Yeah, I'm hungry. Let's roll, let's go.' "

The NBA star added, "I was starving. I mean, c'mon, I was a buck-20. I needed to eat something. Cafeteria pizza ain't gonna cut it. It's just, like, prison food. We used to go to McDonald's, Taco Bell."

Supermodel Brooklyn Decker tended to stay in class, but she didn't always behave herself. The Sports Illustrated siren copped to getting into a tiff with a teacher over a proposed yearbook layout.

"My friend Ashley and I were in this class. I was the senior class president and Ashley was student body president, and the yearbook teacher did not want to give student council a page in the yearbook," she said, explaining, "We funded all these clubs and we support all these clubs through spirit week and so we thought we deserve a page in the yearbook."

Their teacher suggested the go-getters in student council give up some yearbook space to a club that featured people who wouldn't get any shine in the school-pride tome otherwise. Apparently not one for compromise, Decker lost it.

"We started yelling things at one another and by the end of the class Ashley took a trash can and just chucked it at a wall. And I walked out of the class, and I went like this [makes a provocative gesture] and I yelled, 'Suck it!' to my teacher," she said.

"The Vampire Diaries" starlet Candice Accola also made a statement when she was 17, although it was with her hair and not her hollering, dying her tresses red to stand out.

"It was very overwhelming at the beginning," the former Miley Cyrus backup singer said of heading to Hollywood to jump-start her music career. "You feel like such a little guppy in this giant ocean. And I just never felt like anyone ever remembered me. I'd meet people constantly and try to make an impression."

Accola decided she could ignite some attention by turning ginger.

"I thought I'd be edgy and dye my hair red," she said. "And I dyed my hair, like, Jessica Rabbit red. It kind of allowed me to have this whole new confidence and this whole new swagger and this whole new sense of self. It kind of brought out the inner rock star in me. I had never dyed my hair like that, and no one forgot me after that."

"When I Was 17" airs Saturdays at 11 a.m. on MTV