'Jersey Shore' Vixens Sammi And Deena Share Valentine's Day Memories

The ladies of the 'Shore' dish about how they have spent the romantic holiday.

The feisty ladies of "Jersey Shore" may troll Karma for some randy juiceheads when they're looking for a good time, but house residents Sammi Giancola and Deena Cortese tuck away their man-eating sides when it comes to that annual love fest, Valentine's Day.

MTV News caught up with the "Shore" sirens recently, and with another V-Day around the corner, we chatted them up about some of their past romantic experiences on February 14. Deena admitted that sometimes Valentine's Day turns into ladies night.

"My girlfriend brought me out to eat because I don't have a valentine," she giggled. She does, however, get some love from the fellas. "Sometimes guys get me a teddy bear, but that's it," D said.

Sammi, whose never-ending, fist-flinging, clothes-chucking drama with on-and-off boyfriend Ronnie Magro has played out on the shore -- and in front of millions of viewers -- over the past three seasons, said a special guy pampered her with a super romantic getaway one year.

"I went away for a weekend," she dished. "I just like the whole romantic thing of Valentine Day. So I feel like I got spoiled."

Far from getting spoiled by her very own muscled-up gorilla, Deena lamented, "I feel like I'm always single."

Sammi motivated Deena, saying, "Aw, D, we gotta find you somebody."

The entire "Jersey Shore" cast is shipping off to Europe for the next season, and Deena added that maybe she'll snag a guy in the crew's spiritual homeland.

"We need to find me an Italian man in Italy," she laughed.

What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day memories? Let us know in the comments!

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