Trey Songz Wants To 'Surprise' Fans With 'Love Faces' Video

'I think it's gonna be a lot different than what people expect it to be,' singer tells MTV News.

Trey Songz can crank out bedroom burners with ease — this is the same guy behind "I Invented Sex" — but for the visual to his latest single, the Virginia crooner said fans shouldn't expect the typical Trey treatment.

MTV News recently sat down with the singer to chat about the newest video from his Passion, Pain & Pleasure LP, and Trey dished that "Love Faces" may throw fans for a loop.

"I love the treatment so much. I think it's gonna be a lot different than what people expect it to be and a lot of that is contributed to the narrative, and I want people to be surprised when they see it," he said. "But it's a great video. It's shot very well. It's myself and [director] Justin Francis. We did it in Miami, and it was a two-day shoot and we have a beautiful leading lady. I'll give away that much."

Trey remained tight-lipped about the details of the visual, but he did break down how the song came together, saying that the track was inspired by another, less sensual track.

"When I first wrote the song it was actually a concept I got from a Houston record with ... the same name, different kind of faces, and I was like, 'That'll be a dope love song,' " Trey revealed.

The "Bottoms Up" belter added that the song is an ode to the sultry expressions lovers make while in the throes of passion.

"I'm sure any man can relate when you look at a beautiful woman and you imagine those things, and I'm sure [women] do those things too when they get into that mental frame when looking at someone," he said. "So I thought it would be a great concept: Beautiful women make beautiful faces when they making love."

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