Lady Gaga's Grammy Performance: How Will She Top Herself?

MTV News takes a guess at what Lady Gaga will do Sunday during her 'Born This Way' performance.

On Sunday, days after debuting "Born This Way," a splashy dance track about accepting who you are, Lady Gaga is set to take the stage and perform the song for the first time at the Grammys (if you don't count the time she sang part of the chorus at the VMAs back in September).

Gaga's live performances are typically gory, over-the-top spectacles. She died a bloody death onstage during the 2009 VMAs, she played with fire that same year at the American Music Awards and paid tribute to her late pal, Alexander McQueen, at the Brit Awards in 2010.

Last year at the Grammy Awards, the singer didn't miss a beat. She appeared, donning a sparkly getup by Armani Privé from a toxic waste container, singing her "Poker Face." Soon, she was discarded by one of her dancers, leaving the audience completely unsure as to what was happening next.

Then she was back, completely covered in ashes, this time joined by Elton John, who had been Gaga-fied (thanks to ashes, Gaga's sparkly sunglasses and a glittering, galactic earring). The two sat, facing one another, at pianos, playing her piano ballad "Speechless" and his iconic track "Your Song."

With nothing known about what Gaga will do at this year's broadcast, she has been vocal about why she chooses to go dark and usually die during her live shows, versus keeping it light and fun.

"That's what everyone wants to know, right? What is she going to look like when she dies ... when she's overdosed on whatever they think I'm overdosing on?" Gaga said of the choice to get gory onstage. "Everybody wants to see the decay of the superstar. ... They want to see me fail. They want to see me fall onstage. They want to see me vomiting out of a nightclub. ... Isn't that the age we live in? That we want to see people who have it all lose it all?"

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