Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur Spot: How Does It Compare To Other Pop-Star Fragrance Ads?

Like Britney and Mariah before her, singer has created sexy campaign for new perfume.

Following in the footsteps of a string of pop stars before her, Rihanna has expanded her empire with the release of her fragrance Reb'l Fleur. In the commercial for the perfume, the "S&M" singer turns up the mystery and allure, showcasing her naughty and nice sides as she takes a tantalizing stroll through a garden maze and falls for a tuxedo-clad seducer.

RiRi hits the nail on the head by creating an ultra-sexy and sleek atmosphere for the two-minute clip. Here we review some other noteworthy pop-star fragrance campaigns.

Britney Spears, Radiance

Escaping the paparazzi is a day-to-day nuisance for Britney, but in the 30-second spot for her latest fragrance, Radiance, the pop princess succeeds as she flees through the back door of a glitzy event and wanders into the misty city. Dressed in a dazzling backless dress, the songstress happens upon a fortune-teller shop. Spears walks through a sparkling beaded entrance and sits down with the mystic. "Do you want me to tell you your future?" asks the fortune-teller, hovering over a magic ball. Brit declines the offer with a simple response: "No thanks, I choose my own destiny."

Mariah Carey, M

The advertisement for M is a sensual clip full of sunsets and barely-there body shots. As her ballad "For the Record" plays, Mimi dabs her signature scent on her neck as scenes of her glowing figure flash before the camera. Add in a few shots of the songbird posing in the rain, and there you have it. The advert ends with Mariah lying in water as she exposes her backside and blends in with sunset scenery.

Avril Lavigne, Forbidden Rose

Avril takes the name of her scent to a literal meaning when she embarks on a walk in a dark forest. Entering through an iron gate, the pop-punk starlet trails deeper into the grounds to find a glowing purple rose surrounded by a white chain. As she bends down to grab the flower, the haunting background music escalates and the chain around the rose falls to the ground. Lavigne smells the rose and throws it to the camera as she says in voiceover, "Dare to discover. Forbidden Rose. The fragrance by Avril Lavigne."

Gwen Stefani, L

It's easy for Gwen to rock a pop-punk look, but it's even easier for her to don a glamorous one as proven by the commercial for L. The 30-second spot finds the singer doing underwater flips in a dark pool. "I want you all over me," she says. Emerging from the water in a red one-piece, Ms. Stefani then takes a dip in the pool of a luxurious mansion. Repeating the signature catchphrase again, Stefani lifts her fragrance bottle into the air and flashes a wide smile as it glistens in the sun.

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