Lil Wayne's 'Green And Yellow' Is 'Wild,' Wiz Khalifa Says

'Just seeing that he even heard the song, A, and then knew how to rap to it,' the 'Black and Yellow' MC tells MTV News.

Super Bowl XLV might not have panned out quite like Pittsburgh MC Wiz Khalifa would have wanted, since his beloved Steelers get edged out by the Green Bay Packers. But still, there was an upside for Wiz — namely, hearing Lil Wayne take on his Steelers anthem "Black and Yellow" with his own remix, the aptly titled "Green and Yellow."

When MTV News caught up with Wiz on the set of his "Roll Up" music video in Venice, California, we had to ask what he thought about Weezy's remix.

"I actually thought it was real cool when he did his version," Wiz said. "Just seeing that he even heard the song, A, and then knew how to rap to it. Not saying that he wouldn't, but it was kind of wild, like, hearing Wayne flip how I rap, 'cause that's Lil Wayne. But it was cool."

It's a great compliment to the momentum Wiz has built in the last year. First, he was named MTV News' 2010 Hottest Breakthrough MC, then he signed to Atlantic Records and teamed up with Snoop Dogg for the official "Black and Yellow" remix, and now he's gearing up for the release of his debut, Rolling Papers, next month.

And even though the Steelers lost, Wiz was in characteristically good spirits about the whole situation.

"My reaction to Sunday is just like, we'll get 'em next time," the mellow MC said. "We've been to plenty of Super Bowls. It won't be the last one, and it was kind of a bummer just losing. But we had a great season and a lot of momentum just going into it, so I think that just had everybody boosted anyway. There was a lot of attention on Pittsburgh."

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