Jay Sean Calls Lil Wayne Collabo 'Hit The Lights' A 'Huge Club Record'

'I always wanted to write a song that could be batted across all the clubs and on radio,' Cash Money crooner tells Mixtape Daily.

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For Cash Money Records singer Jay Sean, there are hits -- which he's had, including his Stateside breakout "Down" -- and then there are bangers.

He thinks he's finally achieved the latter with his latest, "Hit the Lights," featuring Lil Wayne. The high-octane number is from Jay Sean's forthcoming album, Freeze Time.

"I'm so excited about this song, 'cause, for me, it's the first time I felt like I did a huge club record," he told Mixtape Daily. "I always wanted to write a song that could be batted across all the clubs and on radio. And I think this is that song. It doesn't need any remixes or anything like that."

"Hit the lights so you can see," Weezy spits over the synthesized beat. "My drink is strong, my hookah sweet/ Understand the time is now, but time is up, the future's bleak/ This beat is stupid, cupid/ Love me, leave me in the morning/ If you like, your friend can join in."

Jay Sean also brings an uptempo vocal performance to the track. "Put your lighters in the air/ Let 'em burn into the night," he croons on the chorus. "And let everybody know/ That you're with it and you're ready to go/ Come out in the dark, and let the DJ lead the way/ 'Cause it's hot in the club now/ So don't let it stop now/ So hit the lights."

Although this isn't the first time Jay Sean has paired with Weezy for a track, he said he still learns something new every time he works with his boss.

"It's inspirational," he said. "I learn off of people who have achieved greatness. There's something about them -- their work ethic, their mentality -- that resonates and strikes a chord. So when I watch him to see what he does, in my head I'm looking at it going, 'This is why he got to where he is.' And I like to learn that."

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