Leighton Meester Channels Ke$ha On New Song

The 'Gossip Girl' star gets her party on with 'Front Cut,' a new track that just hit the Internet.

For a while there it seemed like Leighton Meester was only going to be "Country Strong," but now she's again embracing her dance-club music roots on a new track. On Tuesday, a

target="_blank">new Meester tune titled "Front Cut" hit the Web.

The "Gossip Girl" star's track, a certain club banger that could easily be confused with any song in Ke$ha's dance-heavy discography, features the writing, production and vocal talents of Clinton Sparks.

"I'm too fly to be all up in this line, boy/ I should get a front cut/ I should get a front cut," Meester proclaims in the opening lines of the song — which is all about getting key access to a slamming party — before some killer keyboards and heavy beats kick in. She goes on to rap/sing, "You see me coming through/ Not just me, my girlfriends too/ You know what we came to do/ That's why we in front of you."

Meester really displays her swagga on the song's bridge, when she goes on to sing, "Don't tell me I gotta wait in the line/ I said f--- the front door, I should go in through the side/ Why don't you/ Lift up that rope to let through/ All these girls in my crew / Give me a drink or a few/ I mean a bottle or two/ We've been out here too damn long / And I hear Clint Sparks playin' my song/ Got my diamond and my Louboutins on/ Ya better hurry up or I'll be gone/ Don't tell me I gotta wait in no line/ 'Cause there's plenty of other clubs that want me inside."

With no official release date for the track or any definite plans for an album release, it seems that for now Meester fans will have to just enjoy the song online. The singer/actress' pop-star career has been long-simmering, to say the least. She was expected to drop an album in 2010, but that never happened.

In 2009, she appeared on Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad," then she hooked up with Robin Thicke on the song "Somebody to Love."

So what do you think of Meester's new club banger? Share your opinions in the comments.