Britney Spears Shakes It In Fifth 'Hold It Against Me' Clip

Spears and her buff male backup dancers show off moves in another look at the video's dance sequence.

As news broke on Tuesday (February 8) that [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] would premiere her "Hold It Against Me" video on MTV on Thursday, February 17, fans also got another taste of what to expect from the Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip. The latest tease seems to pick up where Monday's preview left off.

She tweeted out the fifth preview, which shows the singer standing in the outfit seen in the fourth teaser (hot pants, bustier, boots), as her male dancers appear behind her. Lights fill the room where she's performing and then the camera focuses on Brit mid-dance. At the end, Britney coos, "All right."

The last two teases have been focused on what is potentially an epic dance sequence, and when her "HIAM" choreographer, Brian Friedman, spoke to MTV News he said the pop star had worked hard to get back to dancing shape for this video.

"I didn't necessarily have pressure with this — it was more excitement," he said of working with the pop diva again. "I haven't been with Britney in five years on a project, so it was excitement to be back with her. It was excitement to get her dancing really hard again 'cause she's had a couple of years where she's been dancing different styles of dance and it hasn't been me.

"It's not necessarily that she hasn't been dancing, it hasn't been what I get from her, and what I seem to get from her is this tigress quality," he continued. "And she prowls. She really dominates when she does my choreography, and that's what I wanted to get back. Excited yes, scared no."

During our interview, Friedman also revealed that there's some nudity in the video and that Britney is at her fiercest. "I can tell you that Britney is wearing a couple of hats in this video — not literal hats, but she's playing roles in this video. That is what I can give you," he explained. "In every role, she is dancing. She is going to be dancing throughout the whole video. Like I said: Dance is the focal point of this video."

"Hold It Against Me" is the first single from Britney's upcoming album, Femme Fatale, which is now due to be released on March 29.

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