Britney Spears' Latest 'Hold It Against Me' Clip Teases Dance Scene

Pop star is shown wearing a white bustier, booty shorts and knee-high boots in six-second teaser.

Like highly stylized, beautifully choreographed clockwork, Ms. [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] continued her 13 days of "Hold It Against Me" music-video teasers on Monday (February 7).

The new clip (#4, for those who are counting) debuted on Spears fan site Fans were alerted by Spears herself, who tweeted out a link announcing the new clip to her followers: "BreatheHeavy, the largest Britney fan website, is so honored to premiere the next HIAM teaser."

In the six-second tease (which is actually more like two seconds, if we're just counting the amount of time Spears is actually shown in the clip, not the titling before and after the frames), Spears is shown in the midst of what looks like a complicated and suggestive dance sequence with six male dancers. She is clad in a white bustier, matching white booty shorts and knee-high boots. A "Britney Spears" title card is shown over the brief dance scene and is left as the standalone image as the very brief shot of the dancing fades to black.

This follows Super Bowl Sunday's sneak peek, which featured a bunch of TV monitors showing scenes from some of the singer's most iconic videos, including "Slave 4 U" and " ... Baby One More Time," as well as various dance rehearsals, and the song "Toxic" plays before transitioning into "HIAM." Spears added further intrigue to the video's forthcoming premiere when she tweeted that she "Just saw a new cut of #HIAM. SOOOO excited to share it!"

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