Katy Perry's Grammy Performance: Hot Pants And Even Hotter Kisses?

California Gurl is promising 'quite a surprise' for Sunday night's show.

She's already promised that her Grammy performance will be "quite a surprise," but given that this is Katy Perry talking, that could mean practically anything.

So on Sunday, when the California Gurl takes the stage at the Grammys, will we be getting LED-enhanced hot pants? Whipped-cream-launching chest cannons? Fireworks erupting over European cityscapes? Or will she simply play it smelly?

From the sound of things, it might just be "all of the above." Last month, Perry said her Grammy performance would most certainly be a medley — featuring her trio of chart-topping singles, "California Gurls," "Teenage Dream" and "Firework" — but added that she was planning to go "beyond" that formula. Just what does that mean? Well, KP's not talking — and why would she? That would ruin the surprise.

"I'm going to do a really cool, heartfelt song that I really love and show a different side," she told Zap2it.com. "I think I'll do a medley of sorts ... but not too much. It'll be quite a surprise."

And if there's one thing Perry's performances have been as of late, it's definitely surprising. At last year's MTV Movie Awards, she camped it up on "California Gurls," descending from the rafters on a surfboard, batting around beach balls, and, of course, rocking those hot pants. Later that month, she brought a similarly beachy theme to New York's Times Square, filling the Crossroads of the World with sand and sashaying across the stage in a tight, DayGlo dress (with neon-pink palm trees added for extra flair).

Recently, she's toned things down a tad — sort of. In November, at the Europe Music Awards, she did a rather staid — for her, at least — take on "Firework," dressed in a bedazzled one-piece and focusing on the empowering message of the song (of course, it still ended in a climatic pyro show). She took the same tact while performing the song at the American Music Awards, backed by a children's choir.

But the beauty of Katy Perry is that you just never know what you'll get — from the sublimely silly to the, well, sublime, she's done it all in a live setting. And you get the feeling she's not done just yet. Coupled with the fact that she'll head into the Grammys in the running for four awards — including Album of the Year for Teenage Dream — and her upcoming world tour, and, well, you get the feeling she's not going to hold anything back on Sunday. Actually, she even said as much in her interview with Zap2It.

"It's like training for the Olympics. I'm off to the gym to build stamina ... and I hate working out, but I have to go, because this is a really energetic show," she said. "It's not like I'm going to make my fortune off touring; I'm basically doing this as a big IOU for all the love and support I've gotten. I need to go shake some hands and kiss some people."

Kissing people — now that sounds like something worthy of the Grammy stage. And knowing Katy Perry, we wouldn't put a few awards-show smooches past her. But regardless of what she decides to do on Sunday night's show, we can guarantee you one thing: You'll definitely be talking about it on Monday — and probably the rest of the week too.

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