J. Cole, Drake 'In The Morning' Video Due On Valentine's Day

Footage was shot on duo's international tour.

Fans had to wait for J. Cole and Drake to finally collaborate on "In the Morning," but they won't need to hold their breath to get a visual for the melodic number.

Cole confirmed the clip will be released on Valentine's Day. The song, from Cole's third mixtape, Friday Night Lights, arrived online back in November.

"I realize the importance of that now, the visual aspect and how much fans want to see that," Cole explained during his appearance on "RapFix Live" last week.

The Roc Nation artist admitted that in the past, time constraints kept him from shooting videos. Now, however, having just been on tour with Drake overseas, the two parties were together and managed to produce a video for their slow, brooding "In the Morning."

"I wanted to give a feel for how that tour felt," Cole said. "And just the magic of that tour. To give people a look into that."

At the time of Cole's "RapFix Live" appearance, he said the clip was being edited, although he didn't reveal who helmed the shoot.

The two MCs have been linked for some time due to their lyrical abilities, but online fodder had positioned the pair as rivals rather than allies, a claim Cole struck down when "In the Morning" debuted.

"I got a text from Drake," Cole told MTV News about the origins of their collaboration. "Now, I kind of just let people say what they say on the Internet or when they have discussions, but the real truth is me and Drake are cool, and have been cool and have been building a relationship. But he hit me when I was in Paris [on a tour], like, 'Yo, I just heard this "In the Morning." ' He had just heard it for the first time. He said it was so good that he told me some wild story, you know those exaggerated stories, like, 'I need better beats,' just one of those type of things, giving me props."