Katy Perry Tweets Excitement Over Super Bowl 'Glee' Episode

Show featured Cheerios singing her track 'California Gurls.'

While the Super Bowl was cheerleader-less, a super-special episode of "Glee" that premiered right after the big game brought the cheerleaders. During the opening moments of the show, McKinley High's very own Cheerios put their stamp of Katy Perry's fun-loving "California Gurls." So what did the pop star think of it? Judging from her tweet, she kind of loved it.


href="http://twitter.com/katyperry/status/34460834302271488" target="_blank">wrote Sunday night as the episode paid tribute to her colorful 2010 ode to all things SoCal.

In the episode, the Cheerios borrowed a play out of Perry's over-the-top playbook to tackle the bubbly track, which kicked off the super-sized episode of "Glee." Their performance was a spectacle of skimpy costumes, BMX tricks and sparks-shooting bras that still left Coach Sue cold. So that meant bringing in the big guns — literally. As a solution for her pom-pom ennui, Sylvester scored a cheerleader-flinging cannon as a means to take the squad's stunts to new heights.

This isn't the first time "Glee" has put its spin on one of Perry's Teenage Dream hits. Last year, the show included Perry's ode to falling in love, "Teenage Dream." It was performed by Darren Criss, who sang the track to Chris Colfer's Kurt. Perry shared her reactions via Twitter last November around the time the episode aired, writing, "Oh...My...Gosh... this just brought a sweet tear to my eye! Teenage Dream on GLEE makes my heart go WEEEEE!" She later told "Access Hollywood" of Criss, "He's amazing! I love when any of my songs are remixed or interpreted differently. I just love that. I really welcome a creative mind to anything."