'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' Exclusive Clip: Get To Know His Crew!

Before 3-D film hits theaters this weekend, get to know Justin's dream team.

Justin Bieber hits the road with a small army. In a new, exclusive clip from his 3-D film, "Never Say Never," out this weekend, fans get an inside look at the men and women who help Bieber stay on schedule and stay sane during those grueling days on the road.

"You know I want people to see me in my everyday life," Bieber says in the clip.

Fans then get to meet Ryan Good, Bieber's stylist. "Ryan's like the coolest older brother ever. When Justin's down, I'm like, 'Ryan go make him laugh,' and Justin's cracking up," Allison Kaye, the tour's general manager, explained of Bieber's sidekick.

So what is Kaye like? "Allison's the stern one," Good explains. "She's the one that handles business."

Other members of Bieber's team include Carin, his "big sister" figure who assists Ryan with wardrobe; Dan Kanter, his musical director; Mama Jan, his vocal coach; and Kenny: "[He] is technically Justin's security guard, but his everything," Kaye explains.

"It's an uncle/nephew relationship," Kenny adds in the clip. "In my phone, I have him programmed as 'nephew.' "

His manager, Scooter Braun, also appears in the sneak peek. He explains that his job is more far-reaching than just a manager. "Ninety percent of my job is helping him become a good man. It's a family, so we're supporting each other," he said. "There's so many people out there who think he's gonna be a teen sensation and he's going to go away. I wouldn't bet against Justin."

Pattie Lynn Malette, his mom, gives props to the team working with her son. "I think it's very important to surround your child with good people," she said. "I love having different people around him that can still encourage those morals."

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