'Super 8' Super Bowl Clip Presents Even More Mystery

J.J. Abrams/Spielberg collabo teaser depicts train wreck, a Super 8 camera and a foreboding voice-over.

Super Bowl XLV ushered a double dose of "super" — namely, the premiere of the 30-second trailer for the highly-anticipated J.J. Abrams-directed, Stephen Spielberg-produced vehicle "Super 8."

The creative force behind "Lost," "Star Trek" and "Cloverfield" has kept his upcoming project ensconced in secrecy, refusing to divulge details about the science-fiction blockbuster — letting slip only that it'll be set in 1979 as something of a throwback to Spielberg's most beloved tales. What we had to sate our curiosity until tonight was the film's release date, cast list and a painfully cryptic teaser screened before "Iron Man 2."

The "Super 8" Super Bowl XLV spot aired toward the last portion of the second quarter, and features a more elaborate view of the teaser's train wreck, soundtracked to whimsical, John Williams-esque music. The only dialogue comes in the form of a foreboding voice-over: "Do not speak of this. If you do, they will find you."

It opens on a view of what could be any Main Street in small-town America, as our young protagonist rides his bike into what turns out to be an epic train wreck. A quick shot shows him dropping a Super 8 camera. Presumably, he's captured footage of something that's meant to be kept under wraps (our money's on whatever's attempting to forcibly pound its way out of the train car in the next shot).

We're given quick glimpses of Kyle Chandler (playing, perhaps, a concerned parent?) and Elle Fanning (standing with a group of kids, the Super 8 camera propped between them), masses of people being herded off army trucks and into shelters, perplexed-looking government officials and explosions — all with a somewhat otherworldly bent to it (think: "E.T." meets "War of the Worlds" meets "The Goonies" meets "Cloverfield").

It appears that the film will largely be seen through the perspective of the young boy, and it certainly looks like an homage to Spielbergian style, with some J.J. Abrams action and mystery thrown in for good measure.

Can we perhaps get 30 more seconds, J.J.?

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