Eminem's Puppet Alter Ego Makes Crazy Demands In Super Bowl Spot

The Detroit MC pokes fun at his media-wary image in Lipton Brisk ad.

We're all familiar with the maniacal stylings of Slim Shady, but during the Super Bowl on Sunday night (February 6), viewers got the opportunity to see Eminem's latest alter ego in all its animated glory.

The Detroit luminary lent his likeness to a stop-motion commercial for Lipton Brisk, which premiered during the football face-off — an ad that proved that cartoon Em can be as entertaining as the real thing. The spot features Em's self-aware puppet doppelganger — the same dummy he released a photo of late last week — breaking down the many reasons why the notoriously media-shy MC typically doesn't endorse products.

Rocking a gray hoodie, white T-shirt and jeans, the animated Em rampages about, rattling off nutty demands like insisting the spot has to be filmed in his house so he doesn't have to go anywhere, he has to record his own expletive-laced music and he needs some "hot chicks." The cartoon Shady also explains that he usually hates the products he's asked to hawk, but in the apparently unique case of Lipton Brisk, the MC proclaims, "Damn, that is pretty good." But when a stern Lipton exec says they can't change the name of the product to his liking, the puppet rapper shoves him off a building and yells, "That's why I don't do commercials!"

While Em unveiled one of the few commercial endorsements of his career during the Super Bowl, next Sunday is shaping up to be a big night for Shady as well. The Motor City MC is up for 10 trophies at this year's Grammy Awards for his latest chart-topping album Recovery, and will also hit the stage.

In addition to boosting his superstar status with high-profile appearances at the Grammys and the Super Bowl, Em is also hard at work building his stable of in-house talent at Shady Records with the recent signing of rap supergroup Slaughterhouse and hip-hop upstart Yelawolf. The MC outlined his plans for his protégés when he announced the Shady deal.

"It's the new generation of Shady Records, and as we're trying to rebuild our label, it's exciting for hip-hop, and with all of these forces coming together and with what everybody's capable of on the mic, it's gonna be fun," he said.

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