Justin Bieber Fans Wait All Day To See Him On 'The Seven'

'My Bieber Fever is enough to get me to the hospital,' fan says.

NEW YORK — It may be rather cold outside, but that doesn't stop Bieber Fever from scorching up New York City. As Justin Bieber made the rounds to promote his 3-D flick, "Never Say Never," on Friday (February 4), a crowd of Beliebers were gearing up for his appearance on MTV's "The Seven." MTV News took to the Bieber-centric streets of Times Square to speak to the fanatics waiting in line for the evening show to find out just how much the pop phenomenon has affected them.

After waking up during the early-morning hours, fans Rachel Flanagam and Alexis Appelbaum said they know all too well about making time for the Biebster. "My Bieber Fever is 110 degrees," said Appelbaum, who traveled from her hometown of Philadelphia to see the singer.

"My Bieber Fever is enough to get me to the hospital," Flanagam said.

For the weekday event, the duo admitted they skipped school. "My mom called in and said I was sick," Flanagam said. "Now she's like, 'Let's start a bad parents club because we're not sending our kids to school and letting them go to New York and see Justin Bieber,' " she said, adding, "Anything's worth it."

Another fan, Joaanne Bartnicke, wasn't shy about admitting her fandom, saying, "I do have Bieber Fever. I'm a die-hard Bieber fan." When asked how she's going to react once JB hits the stage, she said, "I'll probably first go in shock and just drop my jaw. But then eventually when I get my voice back, I'll probably start screaming."

However, there's one fan that's permanently stricken with Bieber Fever: Robin Pomales inked a tattoo of the singer's name on her wrist. "My mom was kind of surprised," she said. "She was like, 'Oh my god, you're so infatuated,' and then other people ... I don't even want to talk about that." The artist who tattooed her JB creation "said that it was the best tattoo he's done in 20 years," Pomales reported.

While she admitted that she'd be too nervous to say anything if she met the singer, she did bring along a giant handmade Valentine's Day card. "It has all the lyrics to his songs and, basically, it's just a little personal letter and to show him that I have the tattoo because he hasn't tweeted me yet," she continued.

But not all Beliebers are as fanatical. Mahbuba Rahmen said she merely wants to send the pop star well-wishes. "If I got the chance to talk to him, I'd congratulate him on his success and his movie and everything," she said. "Afterwards, I'd be excited, but I don't think I'd scream in his face. I think that's pretty rude."

Caroline Nawar, who had been waiting in line since 6:30 a.m., also said she'd be able to compose herself if she met the singer. "If I see him, I'm just going to smile," she said. "That's my reaction: Be happy."

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