Britney Spears' Femme Fatale: Experts Weigh In On Album Title!

'It's a little deeper than some of her previous titles,' one Spears scholar tells MTV News.

Fans can't seem to love Britney Spears' choice for an album title, Femme Fatale, any more. The title for the March release evokes a mysterious, sensual woman who can easily seduce any man to do anything she needs him to do, and fans went crazy for it.

But do Britney experts agree?

Jordan Miller, who runs Britney fan site, noted that he thought it was an inspired choice from the pop star. "My initial reaction was I liked it," he said. "I think it's original, and it's a little deeper than some of her previous titles. It seems like it can have more than one meaning. I like it. I thinks it's creative."

Village Voice columnist Michael Musto agreed that the title seems to fit Britney well. "I like it, though I doubt Britney even knows what it means," he laughed. "I don't picture her walking around saying phrases like 'femme fatale' any more than she orders a crème de menthe at Chuck E Cheese. But it's a great image."

The response hasn't been purely positive. "I felt like this was very generic, very formulaic," Ian Drew, senior music editor for Us Weekly, told MTV News. "Let me put it frankly: When I heard the title, it didn't do anything for me. She'll have catchy songs, but I didn't get any depth from it. I've heard it before." He added that he doesn't quite see where the album title comes from.

At the end of the day, regardless of what anyone thinks, Musto thinks he knows why Britney is such a femme fatale. "Brit is a mysterious sexpot who leads people into dark, sometimes fatal places. I'm sure K-Fed can identify. After all, his career died."

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