Nadia Ali Stunned By 'Fantasy' Grammy Nomination

When remixer Morgan Page told her the news, Ali 'just started shaking.'

She is among dance music's lasting empresses, so it should come as no surprise that Nadia Ali aptly packaged her last three remix albums as the Queen of Clubs Trilogy. The Ruby, Onyx and Diamond editions all were released last year, boasting hits from a decade-long career ranging from her beginnings with the New York-based electronic group iiO (remember the 2001 hits "Rapture" and "At the End"?) to her 2008 debut solo album Embers (featuring EDM hits "Crash and Burn," "Love Story" and "Fine Print") and subsequent EPs.

First recording with DJ Mag's #1 DJ in the world, trance music titan Armin van Buuren, on "Who Is Watching?" in 2005, she's featured on his latest studio effort, Mirage, and is a featured vocalist on his ongoing Armin Only global tour, performing for thousands around the world.

Today she stands as one of the most easily recognized voices in dance music, and with a decade's worth of accolades under her belt, it's endearing to know that an industry nod can still rock her world. As Ali told MTV News this week, she received the exciting news late last year via a text message from friend and collaborator Los Angeles-based house music producer Morgan Page.

"I was actually in Paris, France. I was at the airport. I was on my way to a show in the Ukraine, and I got a text message from Morgan as soon as I landed. And he said, 'Nadia, check' And I was like, 'Why would Morgan text me to check Why would he say that?'

"He was like, 'We're nominated for a Grammy!' I just started shaking and couldn't breathe normally. I didn't start crying, but I did start shaking and going all crazy."

Their partnering on a remix for Ali's song "Fantasy" (featured on her Ruby Edition) has garnered a 2011 Grammy Award nomination in the Best Remixed Recording, Non Classical category, alongside EDM stars David Guetta, Axwell & Dirty South, Wolfgang Gartner and Mike Rizzo.

"Fantasy" was her choice as the lead single for the entire Queen of Clubs Trilogy last year, and she said the song is a testament to Page's skill as a producer.

"I had wanted to work with Morgan for as long as I had heard of him," Ali said. "Since he did 'The Longest Road' [his 2008 hit with Lissie]. It's beautiful. It's a very intelligent, catchy song that got a lot of critical acclaim within the industry and put Morgan on the map.

"He did the remix for 'Fantasy,' and I loved it so much, I wanted it to be the song that the [trilogy opening] video was shot to. He always has, to me, the perfect balance of melody, melancholy, but yet has the energy for the clubs. I just think he did a great job, and it's a fan favorite."

Ali will be headed to Los Angeles with Page next week for music's big night, and of course, the former Versace employee has been narrowing down her selections for the red carpet.

"I've tried on a couple of different dresses," she said. "It's hard to say what the final dress is going to be because you want to kind of save it. It's just cool to see the different things that happen for the red carpet. This is the time where you get to look like the rock star that you always dreamt of being, you know?"

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